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Linda Motzko and Megan Lideen

A Family Business

Linda and her daughter Megan have been working side by side for over 12 years. Linda first started the business over 35 years ago while the family lived in an old Victorian home downtown Delano. Since then, the studio has moved to Main street, and the family has moved right outside of town. Linda and her husband live on 5 acres and have landscaped the property beautifully for photography. Almost all outdoor images are taken here.

Megan began to have an interest in photography while in high school. She was her mothers assistant ever since she was little. She made the decision to pursue photography and went to college in hopes of returning to Linda's Photography. Within the first few years, she won portrait photographer of the year, from the Twin Cities Professional Photography Association as well as state and national awards for her photography.

Linda's husband Charles is the man to thank for all the great landscaping, waterfalls, ponds, and unique settings around the 5 acre property. Everything outdoor at Linda's is hand made and created by Charles, so you will not find it anywhere else!

Our family is what holds the business together. We are so thankful for your continued business and support over the years. Please come visit us soon!