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Swedberg Family

Lifestyle Session

The Swedberg Family- Winter 2017
Photographer- Megan Lideen

When I walked into the Swedberg's house I was immediately greeted by Blake, Brynn and Halle. Their enthusiasm and excitement was contagious. All three followed me asking endless questions about why I was there, what my camera was doing and if I would play with them. Of course I will play, but first- lunch!


With my camera by my side I followed Blake, Brynn & Halle around the house. They each had their own favorite toys, but every once and awhile I would peak in and find them playing a game together. It was the sweetest thing to see.


Crew woke up and was smothered with love and kisses. He laid on the floor and was content just watching his brothers and sisters.


One of my favorite images is Leslie swinging Halle in the middle of the living room surrounded by the other children. I didn't pose them or suggest this. It's one of the reasons why I am so excited to offer Lifestyle sessions. I get to capture what really goes on in your home.

Blake told me that their dad, Derek, taught them a fun game called GOLGI. You lay all the pillows on the floor, climb on the banister and JUMP!! They were fearless.

The house was filled with an endless sound of laughter and chatter. I soaked in every moment.


Derek came home in time to help with baths. The three oldest jumped right in and soon bubbles began to overflow.

"These are the moments I want to freeze. The long, sometimes hard days that fly by in weeks and months. The meals I make, the baths I give, the baby rocking, the snuggles, the tears I wipe, the giggles I hear, the games we play, the prayers we say... The sweet little faces I get to wake up to every morning and tuck in each night. The 99% of my life that I spend in pajama pants and a ratty sweatshirt with my hair thrown up. The time I wouldn't want to spend any other way. The title and responsibility of mother that I don't ever take for granted. We are so grateful for the day Megan was able to spend with us capturing our most precious moments. Thank you for the time capsule of these sweet days that I know I'll want back in a few short years." - Leslie Swedberg